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How the Alta marketplace works

To combat the financial consequences from the continued federal prohibition of cannabis, we’ve created a revolutionary platform to connect cannabis-friendly lenders with licensed operators seeking non-dilutive capital.

Alta is an innovative web application created by a team of experienced cannabis investors. Simply register, fill out a digital  application, and let Alta bring interested lenders directly to you.

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Sign up as a licensed cannabis operator.

Create your Alta borrower account and answer a few questions about your company to get started. All borrowers must be operating a state-regulated, plant-touching cannabis (THC) business in the United States.

Not sure if you qualify? Check out our borrower requirements.

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Apply for financing in 30 minutes or less. Our comprehensive digital application was created by experienced cannabis lenders, so you only have to answer these questions once. There’s no obligation after you apply, and applying won’t impact your credit score.

View some examples of the questions we’ll ask.

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Get matched with lenders automatically.

Lenders are automatically connected to borrowers and projects that fit their investment thesis. Lenders will review your project and contact you directly through our secure messaging system, where you can answer questions, share files, and schedule calls or meetings.

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Review your opportunities.

Lenders submit offers with all terms clearly and simply outlined for you to review. Explore your business loan options and choose the best offer for your project and needs. Once you select a leading offer, your chosen lender is notified and your financing project is hidden on Alta until you close.

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Get funded.

Your lender will work with you to complete due diligence and arrange for funding. Once Alta verifies that you’ve received your loan, your financing project will be marked as closed.

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Available to finance cannabis projects

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Cannabis Business Loans

Find the right financing option to grow and scale your business.

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Types of Cannabis Business Financing

Common financing structures you can find on Alta


Purchase business-related equipment like machines for packaging, extraction, cultivation and more.

Make payments over time with cannabis-friendly financing.

Term Loans

One of the most common forms of financing, a term loan is repaid in regular payments over a set period of time at an interest rate that is fixed or variable.

Construction Loans

Whether you’re renovating a dispensary or erecting a few acres of greenhouse, a construction loan will spread out the cost over time so you can manage cash flow better.

Commercial Mortgages

Secure your loan with commercial real estate like a shopping center or warehouse. Loan proceeds are typically used to acquire or redevelop commercial property.

Acquisition Financing

Looking to grow your business by acquiring a competitor? Acquisition financing is available to decrease the upfront cost of an accretive transaction.

Bridge Loans

If you are planning a large debt or equity round but need a short-term loan to manage expenses in the meantime, consider taking a bridge loan from a friendly Alta investor.

Lines of Credit

Not sure how much money you’ll need, or when you’ll need it? A line of credit gives you the flexibility to draw down on capital as you need it over time.

Senior Secured Loans

These loans are typically secured by all of the borrower’s assets, and are usually used to fund a company’s growth. These loans take repayment priority over junior debt.

Debt Refinancing

Have an existing loan with a high interest rate? Refinancing is when you apply for a new loan with better terms and use the proceeds to pay down your existing debt.

Sale and Leasebacks

You can sell your real estate or equipment and lease the property back from the buyer. This way, you get cashed out of the assets but continue to use them for the longterm.

Our Loan Qualifications

Borrowers must meet these basic requirements

Alta borrowers must be operating in the legal cannabis industry under a state-compliant business. Black market operators will not be allowed on Alta.

All borrowers must actively participate in the regulated THC industry. Those who only serve the hemp and non-psychoactive cannabinoid market are prohibited.

Alta was developed for the operators that have been shut out of traditional financing: cultivators, manufacturers, retailers and distributors. Alta does not allow ancillary companies like tech platforms, packaging suppliers, or consultants.

Due to data-sharing regulations, Alta borrowers must currently be based in the United States, but we hope to serve the international markets one day.


Common questions from cannabis lenders

What is your business’s financial history, and how have you funded the business so far?
Lenders will want to know key details about your business, including when you opened, how much money you’ve made, and how your sales and profit have changed over time. If your business isn’t operational yet, lenders will want to know more about your business plan and financial projections. Be prepared to answer questions about previous financing rounds, including money you’ve invested yourself, raised from family, friends, and outside investors, and any debt you’ve taken on in order to grow the company.
What will you do with the funds, and how will the loan positively affect the business?
Lenders will want to know why you need capital and how you plan to spend it. Investments that will grow the business or increase sales and profitability are favored by investors, like opening a second location, purchasing automation equipment, or launching a new product. Investments that will clean up or optimize an existing business can also be attractive to some investors, like refinancing expensive debt or buying out a partner. Be prepared to describe in detail how the funds will be spent, and be sure to highlight how those investments will make your business better.
What is your ability to service the debt, and what happens if you can’t repay me?
Every lender will  care about your ability to repay the money they loan you. To gauge this, lenders will look at your business’s financial health and history, your planned use of proceeds and its net financial impact to the business, and their ability to recover value if you default on your loan obligations (known as security or collateral). Collateral can include tangible assets like real estate, equipment, and cash, or collateral can be more abstract like intellectual property, accounts receivables, and inventory. Providing adequate collateral can help reduce a loan’s interest expenses.
What are your ideal loan terms, and how did you come to those conclusions?
Finding the right finance partner requires effort on both sides, and lenders will want to know that you have really thought about what financing terms are most ideal for your specific business. You should have an idea on the down payment, interest rate, and payment schedule your business can afford, as well as the length of time you would need to pay off the debt responsibly. While it’s unlikely that you will get the exact offer you are looking for, a lender will want to see that you truly understand the implications of taking on a business loan and are willing to compromise.

Is Alta right for your cannabis business?

Alta is a fantastic option for your business if:

You are a legal operator in a regulated U.S. cannabis market with a need for growth capital
You have already completed at least one round of equity funding, like a seed or Series A round
Your business is already operational and can show some financial history
You are prepared to engage and negotiate directly with cannabis-friendly lenders

This platform is not the best option for you if:

You do not meet Alta’s basic borrower requirements
You have not raised or invested any equity in your business yet
You are seeking financing for a brand new idea or startup business
You do not have time to respond to or communicate with interested lenders

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