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Alta is a different kind of lending marketplace.

We created a better way to help operators secure non-dilutive capital.

Alta was designed by a team of cannabis lenders that grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of deal flow and data in the industry. We realized there were too many brokers and middle men slowing down transactions and driving up the cost of capital. There was no efficient way to pre-screen borrowers or anonymously review opportunities before engaging the principals - until now.

Alta puts your pipeline in your control. With our intuitive web application, you can filter projects and borrowers by over 50 different parameters, like check size, location, financials, and more. Our project search feature lets you anonymously browse and review detailed project applications before engaging with management. This saves you time and energy by letting you limit your conversations to projects and borrowers that actually fit your unique investment thesis.

As an Alta lender, you receive exclusive access to the projects and features on our platform. Only verified lenders are invited to participate in Alta’s growing community - click below to apply today.

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How it works

The deal process for lenders

Step One.

Register to get verified as an Alta lender.

Alta is reserved for cannabis-friendly lenders with at least $5M in assets under management. Simply fill out your profile and upload the required verification documents, and one of our site administrators will approve or politely decline your account within 48 hours. Our dedicated account managers are on standby to walk you through the registration process. Once approved, your account includes a wallet that is automatically filled with tokens each month. These digital tokens are used to unlock projects and reveal more information about the borrower and opportunity.
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Step Two.

Search projects using advanced filters.

Our platform gives lenders the unique ability to completely control the deal flow process. You can filter projects by funding size, location, use of proceeds, and more. You can filter projects by funding size, location, years in business, revenue, and more. Matching projects are displayed in a card view with key summary information showing except for the borrower’s identity, which is hidden until you use a token to unlock the project.
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Step Three.

Unlock projects and message with borrowers.

Once you unlock a project, you will see the borrower’s identity as well as the application’s comprehensive details. If you decide you are no longer interested, simply “hide” the project without engaging the borrower. If you want to learn more, use Alta’s secure messaging system to communicate with the project owner. You can ask questions, request documents, and even schedule calls or meetings. Borrowers can only reply to messages from lenders, they cannot message you first.
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Step Four.

Submit financing offers on projects you like.

If you are interested in financing a project, use Alta’s intuitive offer template to submit indicative terms to the borrower. The offer is non-binding, subject to diligence, and all terms are completely in your control, including notional, duration, interest rate, maturity and more. If the borrower selects your offer, their project will enter “exclusivity” with you and will be hidden from any other lender.
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Step Five.

Complete due diligence and fund the project.

You and the borrower will work together to complete any necessary due diligence and move towards close. Once definitive documents are signed and you are ready to fund the project, you will coordinate funding directly with the borrower. After the project is funded, both borrower and lender mark the project as “closed” on Alta.
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Common Questions

If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch. Call (888) 273-1850 or email info@try-alta.com
Who qualifies as a lender?
Cannabis-friendly, U.S.-based lenders with at least $5M in assets under management. Lenders must be active in the cannabis industry and currently seeking new projects to finance. Alta lenders must have their own balance sheet capital to invest; brokers or debt consultants are not permitted to use the site. Lenders must also pass a KYC and AML check.
What is the lender verification process?
An Alta administrator must ensure every lender meets the basic requirements above. This includes providing basic company information, like the lender’s legal entity name and EIN, as well as proof of funds through recent bank statements, tax returns, or a letter from your bank. This process can be done digitally, where the lender provides all requested information by uploading documents to our secure platform. If you prefer to be verified directly by an Alta admin, we can schedule a lender verification meeting instead. Verification times take 48 hours after all information has been provided.

Why does Alta use tokens?
Since borrowers are providing detailed information about their business’s operational and financial history, Alta is extremely careful to protect the borrower’s sensitive information. Every lender is given a certain number of tokens each month, and those tokens are used to “unlock” projects to reveal the borrower’s identity and the project’s full details. This ensures that lenders are only using tokens on projects they are genuinely interested in, rather than looking at every single project just to get as much information as possible. Lenders can purchase additional tokens as needed to continue unlocking relevant projects.

How does Alta get paid?
Alta charges a service fee for every project that is successfully financed through the platform. This service fee is included in the borrower’s use of proceeds for each financing, and is paid to Alta simultaneously with close, when the lender releases funds to the borrower. Each lender will have a dedicated account rep to help facilitate the transfer of funds with each Alta closing.

Is Alta right for you?

Alta is a fantastic platform for you if:

You are a cannabis-friendly lender with at least $5M in assets under management
You are actively seeking cannabis projects to finance in the next 12 months
You want access to an automated and steady stream of deal flow
You prefer to control your pipeline and negotiate directly with borrowers

This platform is not the best fit for you if:

You have never invested in the cannabis industry before
You are not looking to finance any cannabis projects in the next 12 months
You already have a robust, targeted pipeline and don’t have time to evaluate new opportunities
You prefer to source and negotiate deals through brokers or investment bankers
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